Thursday, 1 March 2012

You Do Something To Me, Something Deep Inside

Hello? Is this thing on?

This blog celebrates sturdiness, booze and decline. Paul Weller has known all three at various points. That vest itself is pretty sturdy. Now I love and admire his work as much as the next man (depending I suppose on who the next man is, but still I would defend much of his output, Style Council and solo work included) but this song is utter tripe. Mystifyingly popular, one for 'the ladies', and a hit single off Stanley Road which I found generally disappointing after his opening brace of solo albums. Even worse, you can watch You Do Something To Me here on Later. Weller threatened violence against a journalist who compared this song to Eric Clapton. But the thing is, it does sound like Eric Clapton. In particular the guitar solo does do something to me, something deep inside. It turns my stomach.