Sunday, 26 May 2013

So Wrong!

Earlier in the week,  Anto, one of the Friday (virtual) Mad Squad that frequent Davy H's disreputable establishment directed me to a video, are they still called that? that his 12 year old daughter put him onto,  saying it was a bit like the funky stuff he liked.

So, always open to suggestions last night after a few rums I followed the link and listened to the track not really watching the visuals, quite liked it and so played it again this time watching the video and I have to admit to being rather shocked at the sexist nature of both the song and the images but the tune was really catchy so I listened to it again, liking it even more  but with a sudden urge to listen to Kiss.

This morning I put the song back on, thinking that in the cold light of the day I would feel different about the tune, as I figured that my positive reaction to it had a lot to do with the consumption of rum. But to my horror, nope I liked it as much sober as I had done the previous evening.

My liking of this song is wrong on so many levels but I have to admit that at the moment I can't get the tune out of my head. I think that I may have issues, as they say.