Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Just because



  1. I have been thinking of posting a couple of things here recently. Well done Si, maybe we can jump start this nonsense again. And Oh, yes!

  2. Cue me.
    Well done Simon.
    Lovely Rickenbacker.
    Sorry to appear more stoopid than usual, but who is that? A cross between Susannah Hoffs, Sheryl Crow, and that bird who said, Man I feel Like A Woman.
    Not much of her size-wise; clearly a stranger to the battered sausage.

  3. That is Susanna Hoffs. Google "Susanna Hoffs Rickenbacker" hours later you will emerge dazed into the sunshine, well and truly Bangled.

  4. Susannah Hoffs...... loverly. Bangle me.

  5. I once saw her when I was 16, you know, at a village gig, on her way to the stage. I smiled at her and she smiled back to me. Of course I was too shy to say anything, but that smile caused wet dreams for years to come. That and the fact that one of the music papers back then uncovered that apparently she likes to eat Milky Ways whilst showering. The thought of that alone somehow made things even harder for me at night (and yes: I do think on this blog such weak puns are allowed).

    Strange though that I am still able to remember such nonsense in detail some thirty years later, but easily forget about my wife's birthday. Then again priorities have to be set, isn't it?

  6. Susanna Hoffs with a Milky Way in the shower.

    Dear god.